Organic Japanese Genmaicha Green Tea

Organic Japanese Genmaicha Green Tea

$ 18.00

Origin: Japan

Genmaicha Green Tea is lower in caffeine than other kinds of Japanese green teas. It is a perfect green tea to drink throughout the day. It is a traditional Japanese tea blend made of green tea and roasted brown rice. 

A full-bodied infusion of our organic Genmaicha Green Tea produces an excellent nutty, toasty, buttery and smooth flavor. It is enjoyed as a popular tea in Japan!


Brewing Tips:

For best results, steep Genmaicha in water between 158 and 176 °F for one to two minutes. To brew a second cup from the same tea, use 180° F water and steep for 2 minutes.

Tasting Notes:

Toasty, Popcorn, Nutty Undertone, Earthy

Delicious Hot  /  Refreshing Over Ice





Photo by 五玄土 ORIENTO on Unsplash