Signature Woodbox Gift Set
Signature Woodbox Gift Set
Signature Woodbox Gift Set
Signature Woodbox Gift Set

Signature Woodbox Gift Set

$ 100.00

Wang & Dickerson has carefully selected the finest loose leaf tea for these limited edition Signature Woodbox Gift Sets. Our Signature Woodbox Gift Sets include four rare artisan teas in a beautiful natural pine wood keepsake box. Give this beautifully delicious treat to someone special, or keep it for yourself! 

Please feel free to include a personal message in your order notes, and we will make sure to include it in the package.

Each gift set brews between 95 and 120 cups of tea. 

Featured Tea Varieties:                        


Wang and Dickerson Limited Edition White Tea is hand-picked, minimally processed and grown using 100% natural farming techniques. It is never treated with pesticides or herbicides. What sets our white tea apart from other organic teas, is that ours is grown naturally without even the addition of "organic" fertilizers. The flavor is a pure expression of the sunshine, the naturally healthy soil, the water and the skill of the artisan who hand crafted the tea from freshly picked leaves.


Feast your eyes on the naturally beautiful colorful blossoms in the Wang & Dickerson Signature Blend. This health-focused blend includes Organic Chamomile, Organic Roses, Organic Lavender Buds, Organic Milky Oat Tops, Organic Licorice Roots, Organic Red Clover Flowers. All the herbs are handpicked and handcrafted in small batches with extra care to give you that perfect combination of taste and style!    


This is a marvelously flavorful black tea that you will want to sit back and savor. The rich floral bergamot aroma tickles your senses the moment you open the package. Brew it to experience the captivating flavors of fruits and flowers balanced by rich black tea. It is fruity and floral, yet full-bodied. Every sip transports you to an exotic tropical garden.


We always aim to find the best of the best! Our certified organic roses are Bulgarian Rosa Damascena. These are considered to be the queen of the roses. Unlike most roses, they are not grown for beauty, but rather for deep healing properties. Our organic rose grower, Johanna, aims to produce roses in a sustainable and organic way. These roses are hand-picked early in the morning in order to keep the rose essential oil in the petals. Her farm is located in Rose Valley, Bulgaria. The climate there is perfect for cultivation and the terroir gives Bulgarian Roses superior quality.