Organic Green Tea Kukicha

Organic Green Tea Kukicha

$ 15.00

Origin: Shizuoka, Japan

Kukicha Green is prized for its smooth taste and for being naturally rich in antioxidants. Our certified organic Kukicha Green Tea is exclusively from Shizuoka, Japan's premier tea growing region.

Kukicha offers 1.7 times more L-theanine than Sencha Green Tea, and Kukicha contains linalool, a natural aroma found in fruit and flower, which is not in other types of green tea. 

Kukicha (koo-key-cha) means “twig tea” in Japanese. This is because Kukicha is mostly stems rather than tea leaves. Stems are naturally low in caffeine and have a sweeter taste. 

Brewing Tips:

For best results, steep Kukicha in water between 158 and 176 °F for a little less than one minute. To brew a second cup from the same tea, use 180° F water and steep for 2 minutes. (oversteeping or steeping too hot, as with all green teas, results in an unsavory brew).

To maximize the floral sweetness, we recommend brewing for about 1 minute in 150°F water. 

Delicious Hot  /  Refreshing Over Ice