Lemon Verbena Mint - caffeine free herbal tea

Lemon Verbena Mint - caffeine free herbal tea

$ 12.00

An exclusive delicious blend of organic lemon verbena, pepper mint, and premium hand-crafted herbs from American small growers. This delicious herbal blend has become one of our fans' favorites.

It is caffeine free and sugar-free. Our passion is all about the purest and cleanest tea. We use only premium herbs and we never use mass-produced or artificial ingredients. 

Our herbs are grown with care and passion, without any chemicals by American artisan growers. They are 

  • Hand harvested at the peak of potency
  • Fresh from wild crafters and small artisan growers in America
  • Full of flavor with no additives
  • Small batch, premium quality herbs that provide the very best natural taste.

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Organic Lemon Verbena, Organic Lemon Balm, Organic Chocolate Mint, Organic Lemongrass from our growers in Vermont and Washington State

Origin: USA