Formosa Green Tea

Formosa Green Tea

$ 16.00

Taste Profile: 

The flavor is surprisingly smooth and savory. It is packed with the goodness of green tea with a delicate and balanced taste. If you are looking for high quality, softer, and less grassy green tea, this is what you want to try! 


Our Formosa Green Tea is prized for its delicate taste and smooth texture, and for being naturally rich in antioxidants. No pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizer were used to grow our Formosa Green Tea. The leaves of our Formosa Green Tea exhibit beautiful shades of deep emerald color, clearly showing their premium quality. The flavor of Wang and Dickerson Formosa Green Tea is a pure expression of the sunshine, the water, the healthy soils and the skill of the artisan who crafted the tea from freshly hand-picked leaves. Brew a cup of hot Formosa Green Tea and treat yourself to a healthy cup of relaxation!

Origin: Emei Township, Hsinchu City, Taiwan