Signature Woodbox Gift Set
Signature Woodbox Gift Set
Signature Woodbox Gift Set
Signature Woodbox Gift Set
Signature Woodbox Gift Set
Signature Woodbox Gift Set

Signature Woodbox Gift Set

$ 89.00

Wang & Dickerson has carefully selected the finest loose leaf tea for these limited edition Signature Woodbox Gift Sets. Our Signature Woodbox Gift Sets include four rare artisan organic teas in a beautiful natural pine wood keepsake box. Give this beautifully delicious treat to someone special, or keep it for yourself! 

Please feel free to include a personal message in your order notes, and we will make sure to include it in the package.

- Each gift set brews between 60 and 75 cups of tea. 

Featured Tea Varieties:                                      


A blend of naturally farmed, hand-picked exquisite White Tea from Taiwan and organic Royal Velvet Lavender Buds from Washington State. Our Lavender White Tea is soothing and delicate. It is smooth from start to finish with an exceptional lavender aroma and a slightly sweet finish. It is both healthy and delicious any time of day!   10g / 0.35 oz


Feast your eyes on the naturally beautiful colorful blossoms in the Wang & Dickerson Private Reserve Blend. This health-focused blend includes roses, raspberry Leaves, spearmint, and red clover blossoms from Vermont blended with premium oolong tea from Taiwan. All the herbs and tea leaves are handpicked and handcrafted in small batches with extra care to give you that perfect combination of taste and style!      15g / 0.53 oz


Our grower's family has been crafting jasmine scented artisan teas in Taiwan for over 50 years. This family operation is proud to follow traditional, labor-intensive scenting methods. It takes more time to produce tea this way, and the result is definitely worth the effort. The true fragrance of fresh jasmine flowers is beautifully balanced by the smooth flavor of green tea.     


Our Oriental Beauty is a rare top grade tea. In the 19th century, it was one of Queen Victoria’s favorite teas and she gave it the name "Oriental Beauty". Wang and Dickerson Oriental Beauty has a sophisticated balance of bold flavor, honey-like sweetness and hints of apricot that will impress your palate. This rare and delicious tea exhibits a beautiful floral fragrance. Indulge yourself with a cup of luxury! No herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers were used to grow this tea. 28.3 g / 1 oz.

HIGH MOUNTAIN OOLONG  50g / 1.76 oz. 

Tea lovers around the world have long known that the best Oolong tea comes from Taiwan. Starting with a lilac aroma and a silky smooth body, our High Mountain Oolong finishes with a balanced buttery mouth-feel. This is one of our best-sellers!


Our Black Tea is created with a time-consuming traditional tea production process. This complex method of making tea is used to process only the best quality black tea. The exceptional natural terroir and artisanal craftsmanship have given our organic Rare Black Tea a profound fruity aroma with a delicate woody sweet note lingering on your palate! No herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers were used to grow this tea. 15g / 0.53 oz.


Calendula is a sacred and prized flower native to Central and South America. It is loaded with powerful skin-healing, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It is delicious with a touch of honey. Our beautiful calendula blossoms are grown naturally without chemicals, harvested and dried on a small herb farm in Vermont. 7g / 0.24 oz.