Tea In A Pandemic

I hope this note finds you happy and healthy. Summertime is a perfect time to enjoy a refreshing cup of tea to soothe your mind, nourish your body and stay hydrated. Tea is filled with a wealth of nutrients that promote health and wellness. This is especially important to consider at this particular point in time.

Can Tea Be A Remedy For A Pandemic?

Researchers around the world are trying to find ways to fight COVID-19. A recent study in Taiwan found that theaflavin extracted from Taiwanese tea may be an inhibitor for the novel coronavirus. It is not yet clear how much theaflavin is required to produce the inhibitive effects and additional studies are planned. (Click for related studies: 20202005.)

Along with theaflavins, catechins are another type of naturally occurring antioxidant in tea. Both have been found to contribute to the health of tea drinkers. Over the years, researchers have done studies which suggest that these powerful antioxidants offer a host of potential health benefits including: 1) maintaining cardiovascular healthy, 2) boosting the immune system, 3) helping to lower cholesterol, 4) reducing the risk of cancer and, 5) promoting weight loss.

So Which Tea Is Healthier? 

I get asked this question a lot. After reading many studies on health benefits of tea, it is clear to me that all types of tea are beneficial. There is one constant between the studies: you need to drink at least two or three cups of tea every day to get the full effect. For this reason, my suggestion is to find a tea that you really like because (if you are like me) you are more likely to drink tea regularly if you enjoy the experienceThe good news: there are a wide variety of healthy teas.

Oolong tea, white tea, black tea, and green tea are all from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. This common origin is the primary reason they all have similar health benefits. Different processing methods and different varietals give each of these types of tea different flavors, distinctive aromas and different levels of antioxidants. Usually you will find that theaflavins are higher in black tea while white tea and green tea have more catechins. Oolong tea is rich in both theaflavins and catechins! 

As with any plant-based product, residual chemicals from farming and processing can interfere with naturally occurring health benefits. Therefore, my recommendation is to first find a source of pure, clean, and premium quality tea and then choose the flavor or the aroma that speaks to you. Finally, make drinking your chosen tea an enjoyable part of your daily routine to maximize your health!

The Bottom line

Sipping a cup of tea can be incredibly soothing, but there is so much more! Scientific studies suggest that there are very real health benefits. Tea has high levels of antioxidants and an abundance of natural phytochemicals which protect our body and support good health. The benefits of tea are tremendous, so enjoy several cups of soothing wellness everyday!

If you have any questions about tea, or you are interested in receiving samples of Wang and Dickerson tea, please feel free to contact us. 

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