About Us

Wang & Dickerson was born out of a passion and a belief that our customers deserve the finest quality tea from ecologically responsible producers. 

We provide the world’s finest oolong tea directly from Taiwan. Each of our products is harvested from a single estate, hand-picked and crafted in small batches by tea artisans from Taiwan. Tea connoisseurs around the world have long known that the best Oolong tea is produced in Taiwan. Our mission is to make that tea accessible to our customers. 

We work directly with tea growers to select the best oolong teas for our customers. 

We have traveled to the tea gardens where our tea is grown and established strong relationship with growers we trust and respect. Our teas are artisanal products that reflect the care with which our growers treat the land, Taiwan's ideal climate for growing tea and the intensely human efforts of the finest tea craftsmen in the world.

We believe tea lovers deserve to drink better tea.

We are constantly told that American consumers will only buy inexpensive tea. With tea, like any other agricultural product, inexpensive means mass production which introduces chemicals and eliminates the nuances of flavor and aroma provided by human craftsmen. At Wang & Dickerson, we believe that American tea drinkers deserve better tea. 

We are determined to provide our customers with an unconventional tea experience. Our teas are truly different from industrially produced tea products.

  • Our teas do not spend months in warehouses
  • Our teas are not shipped on slow boats that bring cheap tea from Asia.
  • Our teas are not mixed with teas produced in different seasons. 

We work directly with growers who ship our tea to us via air-freight so we can provide the freshest tea.

Each of our teas is grown and produced on a single estate so you can experience the flavor nuances introduced by different growing regions and different tea artisans. Our teas are sold by the season so that you can experience the freshest tea available.

When you find your perfect tea from Wang & Dickerson, you will be one of a very select group of tea drinkers who truly appreciate the best tea the world has to offer. We encourage you to take the time to get to know us and our tea. We believe that we can help you to enjoy tea as never before!