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Organic Artisan Tea: The True Taste of Terroir

I grew up in the city and I must admit that my experience with farmers was limited before I started Wang & Dickerson. I still remember my first few trips to tea gardens where nervousness about how to talk with the grower would mix with car sickness on the winding mountain roads. After meeting the grower, I usually found myself sitting before his polished wooden tea table overlooking lush green tea gardens with inspiringly beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The grower was always pleasantly surprised when I wanted to go beyond the tasting table into the tea garden itself, digging my hands into the soil and asking questions about his agricultural practices and tea production methods. We...

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The Best Lemonade Iced Tea You've Ever Had!

Ingredients:  4 tablespoons lemon juice (Fresh squeezed is always best) 5 tablespoons sugar (We like using Demerara Sugar. It is a less refined sugar with a subtle caramel toffee like note. It is less sweet and gives a more complex flavor to the tea than processed white sugar.) 1 quart cold brewed Wang & Dickerson Oolong Tea (No need to even heat the water, just float the tea leaves in water overnight in the refrigerator. Our Effortless Cold Brewed Tea Recipe is here.) Preparation: 1. Make The Fresh No-Cook Lemon Syrup: Stir lemon juice and sugar together thoroughly. Wait 15 minutes and stir it from time to time or store in the refrigerator overnight while the oolong tea is brewing. 2....

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