Organic Echinacea Tea, Caffeine-Free

Organic Echinacea Tea, Caffeine-Free

$ 20.00

Origin: Treasure Valley, Idaho

42 g/ 1.5 oz. 

Our Organic Echinacea Flowers are rare and they are the highest quality herbs. This is a limited edition.

Our Echinacea Flowers are freshly harvested this summer at the peak of potency, when they are in full bloom from our grower's family farm in Idaho. They are unique full flowers. 

If you’re someone who gets sick every flu season, it can help to strengthen your body’s defenses to avoid illnesses.

    Our grower has been practicing organic farming since 1988. They helped start the Idaho Department of Agriculture's organic certification program back in 1990s, and were one of the first farms in the state to be certified organic. 

      Use 2-3 flower to brew one cup of delicious Echinacea tea.

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