New! Iron Goddess Oolong Tea - Tie Guan Yin

New! Iron Goddess Oolong Tea - Tie Guan Yin

$ 6.00

An absolute must-try for the most discerning tea lovers, Tie Guan Yin Iron Goddess Oolong Tea is a rarity, offering a complex taste that stands out amidst other oolong teas. Experience the true flavor of Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea from its origin! 

Supply is limited, resulting in an increase in price, but the pleasure it brings is truly priceless. We are so pleased to bring this tea to the USA!

We are very proud to present our Tie Guan Yin Iron Goddess Oolong Tea. We spent years searching for the highest quality Tie Guan Yin and we found this unique, organic grower. His family's tea plantation in Northern Taiwan started more than hundred years ago. Enjoy a cup of this delightful, full bodied oolong tea for a truly special experience.

Tasting Notes: Balanced and yet bold and complex, this premium tea is sure to elevate any tea drinking experience. Muzha Tieguanyin Tea is roasted and has a stronger taste and with roast nutty character; the tea liquid is reddish brown. Enjoy the unique flavor and aroma of this expertly crafted tea! 

Origin: Muzha District, Taipei, Taiwan