Earl Grey's Garden, Black Tea

Earl Grey's Garden, Black Tea

$ 20.00

57g / 2 oz / Packed In a Tin

This is a marvelously flavorful black tea that you will want to sit back and savor. The rich floral bergamot aroma tickles your senses the moment you open the package. Brew it to experience the captivating flavors of fruits and flowers balanced by rich black tea. It is fruity and floral, yet full-bodied. Every sip transports you to an exotic tropical garden.

Steep for 4 minutes to experience a beautifully balanced flavor. If you prefer stronger black tea with a rich bergamot aroma, steep for 2-3 minutes longer. It can be enjoyed on its own or with milk and sugar.

Ingredients: certified organic black tea, natural oil of bergamot, apricots, apple pieces, rose hips, natural peach flavor, lemon verbena




Photo by Loverna Journey on Unsplash