Alishan Jin Xuan Oolong (Milk Oolong)

Alishan Jin Xuan Oolong (Milk Oolong)

$ 25.00

75g Vacuum Packed

Jin Xuan Oolong is famous for its unique creamy texture. Some people call it milk oolong. We prefer to use its original name, Jin Xuan Oolong, so there is no confusion with mass produced flavored milk oolong tea.

This unique tea was invented in Taiwan in 1970s. It uses the high quality Jin Xuan cultivar – developed by the Taiwanese Tea Research and Extension Center. The reason why it is called milk oolong is that it naturally has a delicate milk note, a creamy mouthfeel.

Our Jin Xuan Oolong is grown in Meishan, which is a famous tea growing region in the Ali Shan range.

High up in the mountains, tea grows more slowly and has thicker leaves. This results in a characteristic intensity of flavor. Limited growing areas make high mountain tea extremely rare. 

Our Jin Xuan exhibits a classic creamy texture. What sets it apart from other Jin Xuan oolong teas is its beautiful, complex fragrance and a silky mouthfeel. It finishes with a hint of natural sweetness.  


Meishan, Chiayi County, Taiwan

Photo credit: Christina Klingler Photography