Organic Oolong Tea Sachet

Organic Oolong Tea Sachet

$ 12.00

8 Whole-Leaf Pyramid-Shaped Sachets 

Who says premium tea cannot be convenient and accessible? Our full-leaf sachets deliver taste and quality that is  superior to the cut tea leaves or tea dust found in most tea bags.

Our tea sachets are pyramid-shaped teabags that are filled with hand-picked whole-leaf oolong tea. Extra space in the tea sachets allows the tea leaves to unfurl, expand fully and develop a full-bodied, complex taste.

To enjoy this tea in the true Asian tradition, steep each premium sachet multiple times and enjoy the nuanced flavors of each different brew.

Our grower’s ethic is to respect the land and to produce premium quality tea without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. He believes that everything that we do to our earth right now directly affects future generations. This motivates him every day in his choices of sustainable farming practices. 

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Origin: Nantou County, Taiwan, 5000 feet in elevation