Chocolate Mint , Caffeine-Free

Chocolate Mint , Caffeine-Free

$ 13.50

60 g/ 2.2 oz. Loose Leaf 

Origin: Upper Valley of Eastern Vermont 

Did you know? Chocolate Mint is an herb, similar to peppermint or spearmint. Despite its name, our Chocolate Mint Tea contains no chocolate. Renowned for its rich aroma and flavor, Chocolate Mint offers more than just delicious taste. It provides soothing relief for digestive discomfort, while its uplifting scent can help ease stress and enhance mental clarity.

It's one of Wendy's personal favorite. Our beautiful Chocolate Mint from Vermont infuses a super clean fragrance with a hint of sweetness, making it a perfect choice for sipping during or after a delicious meal.

Ingredients:  Organic Chocolate Mint