Oolong Jade Mountain, Limited Edition (Taiwan Black Tea)

Oolong Jade Mountain, Limited Edition (Taiwan Black Tea)

$ 25.00

50 g / 1.76 oz. Loose Leaf 

Tasting Notes: rich and complex, with notes of honey, undertones like lychee 

Our Oolong Jade Mountain is made from the Oolong varietal and crafted using an artisanal black tea process.

This tea is carefully cultivated in the prestigious Jade mountain in Taiwan. Grown with no pesticide or herbicide by Mr. Chen, our Jade Mountain Oolong is well-rounded and has a full body with a heavenly flavor. Its high oxidation level enhances the depth of flavor, providing a truly exceptional tea-drinking experience. It offers a perfect balance of complexity and smoothness, making it an unrivaled choice for discerning tea enthusiasts.  

This tea is available in limited quantities. Ensure you get yours today before it's too late. Cheers! 

Origin: Taiwan