Naturally Scented Jasmine Green

Naturally Scented Jasmine Green

$ 15.00

We are proud to offer top quality green tea scented with real jasmine blossoms. Unlike mass-produced jasmine teas, ours is never sprayed with synthetic aromas or artificial flavorings. It is pure green tea that was scented by repeatedly layering it with freshly picked jasmine flowers. 

This premium jasmine tea is from Huatan, Changhua County, Taiwan. Located in southern Taiwan, Huatan is famous for growing high quality jasmine. Rich natural soils and a climate that is uniquely favorable make this the biggest and best jasmine growing region in Taiwan. Our grower’s family has been crafting jasmine scented artisan teas in this area since the 1970s. 

This family operation is proud to follow traditional, labor-intensive scenting methods. It takes more time to produce tea this way, and the result is clearly worth the effort. The intense fragrance of real jasmine flowers is beautifully balanced by a smooth green tea flavor.

Experience the convergence of true craftsmanship and natural ingredients in a cup of Wang and Dickerson Naturally Scented Jasmine Green Tea!

Origin: Huatan, Changhua County, Taiwan