Gyokuro Karigane Green Tea
Gyokuro Karigane Green Tea

Gyokuro Karigane Green Tea

$ 30.50

2.1 oz in a canister

Origin: Shizuoka, Japan

Gyokuro, translating to “Jade Dew,” is known to be one of the highest grades of green tea grown in Japan. Gyokuro stands apart from other Japanese green teas because of the combination of two remarkable techniques; “Shading Process” and “Sencha Method.” It differs from the standard tea in being grown under the shade rather than the full sun. 

Shading process is to increase savory flavor, in the leaf. “Sencha Method” brings two benefits to the tea leaf: 1) steaming process to treat oxidation enzyme so that the leaf stays as green and fresh as possible, and 2) rolling while drying in order to break down the cells so more fragrance and flavor are extracted when the leaf is brewed. 

Mr. Sakamoto only harvests once per year. Because the shading process of Gyokuro puts a bit of stress on the plants, Mr. Sakamoto emphasizes the importance of only harvesting once per year to ensure less stress on the plants which in turn, keeps the nutrient levels high each year when he does harvest.

This Gyokuro Karigane is made with stems from organic Gyokuro. Stems have much less caffeine and are rich in healthy nutrients. This superior tea offers beautiful umami flavor and natural sweetness.

Brewing Tips:

Use 2 teaspoons of tea per 8 oz water. Steep your tea in water around 160°F for about 2 minutes.

To truly savor the characteristics of Gyokuro, use 5g of leaves per 1 oz water at 120°F on the 1st infusion for 90 seconds. (Almost like espresso version of premium green tea! )You will then get very rich umami taste with beautiful aroma. This tea can go for three to five more infusions. Experiment and figure out what works best.

Delicious Hot  /  Refreshing Over Ice





Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash