Calendula Blossom Tea (Marigold) caffeine free

Calendula Blossom Tea (Marigold) caffeine free

$ 12.00

Origin: Vermont, U.S.A.

We are proud to feature this high grade whole flower Calendula from our herbal grower in Vermont.

Our bright, beautiful Calendula flowers are naturally grown and fertilized without any chemicals. They are harvested by hand, dried and hand crafted using traditional methods. 

Calendula is a sacred and prized flower native to Central and South America. It is loaded with powerful skin-healing, anti-inflammatory, vision boosting, and antimicrobial properties.

Calendula tea is great for sore throat, fever, heartburn and tummy aches. It’s also great for managing stress, since it is super calming to the nervous system. Calendula tea fights the stomach bacteria that causes ulcers and gastritis. Since ancient times, calendula has been used to treat both stomach ulcers and liver ailments.