New Arrivals! Snow Chrysanthemum Caffeine Free Tea

New Arrivals! Snow Chrysanthemum Caffeine Free Tea

$ 12.00

Origin: Miaoli County, Taiwan

Chrysanthemum is one of the best-tasting herbs in the herbal tea wold.

When you drop chrysanthemum flowers into water, it is a magic moment. The petals unfurl beautifully, releasing their delicate fragrance. The flavor has a gentle sweetness with an irresistible herbal honey note. Enjoy your cup of tranquility! 

We are proud to feature this high grade whole flower Chrysanthemum tea from Taiwan.

Our beautiful Chrysanthemum flowers are grown without any pesticides. They are harvested by hand, dried and hand crafted using time consuming traditional methods. 

They are different from most cheap sulfur-dried chrysanthemum that have been fumigated with sulfur dioxide, a chemical preservative that can harm your health.

Chrysanthemum has been a sacred and prized flower in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. It is used for detoxing and also may help with respiratory issues, boost vision, relieve high blood pressure, and reduce inflammation.